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zip.png EGOD FGUK custom Scenery 1.5 HOT


This is a custom Scenery pack that adds  building , Hangers, Tower etc to EGOD in Wales. This is the FGUK Home base.


Release notes


Whats new

Gate house
Some buildings in place of real ones
Fence around EGOD
Low FGUK ground sign's

RAF GPU's - turn on over MP

EGOD front gate - doors work over MP
Half circle, shelter's X3 - doors work over MP
X2 large hangers - doors work over MP
Fire house / SAR HQ, X2 helipads - doors work over MP
Super hanger make over - doors work over MP 


Instructions :-


Main Scenery file




Updating EGOD Scenery is now as simple as updating an aircraft:




The EGOD folder (containing, Airport,Objects&Terrain Folders)

should be placed in the following....



Manual Instal


There are 4 files, EGOD, Airports, Objects, Terrain.

data/Scenery/EGOD/Models/ All files here

data/Scenery/Airports/E/G/O/ All files here

data/Scenery/Objects/w010n50/w005n52/ All files here

data/Scenery/Terrain/w010n50/w005n52/ All files here 


For any future updates this is the only folder you will have to replace

You will only have to click refresh on the airfield selection page after downloading 

the new scenery



A diagram showing the parking positions available is also in this folder






If this is the first time downloading this scenery or you have only had V0.1 or V0.2 

then you now need to add this to your FG_SCENERY directory 

(exactly the same as you did for terrasync many moons ago)




Open Flightgear to the aircraft selection page and click "prev"


(This will open the page similar to one in the install.jpg  

that is above this readme file in the downloaded folder.)



Click "Add"



Follow the File path to where you have just put the EGOD Folder


i.e.  C:/Program Files/Flightgear/data/scenery/EGOD



This should add a line to your FG_Scenery list alongside the main directory and your terrasync directory




The new line needs to be moved to the top of the list as shown in the image

Do this by clicking the "up Arrow" on the right"


(This means it takes priority over your other directories)








Thats the new scenery loaded!!!


Simply go to the airfield selection page and click "refresh"

When you now search for EGOD it will give you a list of parking positions to start from







To get the arrestor cables working the  




has to be put alongside all of the other AI scenarios in....





You can now select this as an AI scenario before running FG


3.7 MB

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