Lightning Audio Clips

05 Nov 2018 12:49 #40741 by ScottBouch
Hi all,

Please see this page I've just produced to give you an idea of how the audio really sounds. Accurate recordings by integrating my camera with the intercom / radio system, no microphones stuffed into headsets!

I hope to work with Algy on getting these into the Lightning model.

Cheers, Scott.
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05 Nov 2018 15:00 #40742 by Algernon
Sweet!! Should be no problem utilising those, they are of excellent quality and ought to loop extremely well. Thank you very, very much!! :)

How are the photos coming along?
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05 Nov 2018 15:42 #40743 by ScottBouch
Hi dude,

You are very, very welcome!

I looked at the waveform of the clangers, that should be dead easy to loop, taking just one of the "beats" (or whatever the technical term would be!). I stripped the audio from the video using Audacity on Linux.

With the channel change sound, you'll notice the background noise is quieter after the channel changes are done, I think this is down to AGC in the camera. From this point of view, the background noise can be quietened down as the camera probably turned the gain right up. I hate it when equipment thinks it's cleverer than the operator!


Had a few days working away, and busy weekend, hoping to be able to sift through them this week at some point...

It's 4GB worth, so too big to dump the lot to you over WeTransfer, I would need to sort out 1/4 of them for that!

Cheers, Scott.

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05 Nov 2018 17:38 #40744 by Algernon
Well, it's probably better to work on individual items at a time anyway and just transfer them as required.

I think implementing the channel change sounds might be too much for FlightGear's primitive sound system, which already needed a lot of augmentation just to do the clicking knobs, but I've got one idea which is worth a try. The other radio ones should fit fine into the original unit code with a few minor alterations.

Would you mind starting another thread to give us a breakdown on how the warning system roughly works? It only needs to be from an instrumentation perspective, I probably won't go into huge depth at this stage with how the system detects faults - that information is not usually readily available anyway - but write something the simulates it fairly simply. I already wrote one of these for the EF2000 but it's built into the wider aircraft operating system and I'd need to do another for the Lightning. If you got photos of the panel, that would be a good start, and also some information on the attention getters would be handy - again, the EF2000 has these so I already tested the concept, but I'll need to rewrite for the Lightning.

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05 Nov 2018 19:57 #40745 by ScottBouch
Hi Algy,

I'm sure I can find some info from the AP's to describe the SWP and AWP.

Some of the warning lights are on from power being applied, with clangers ringing and attention getters flashing from the power being applied (either by battery or GPU. There is no logic to disarm the system when not needed, for example; the engine low oil pressure warning lights will be lit from power-on as with no rotation there is no oil pressure, but there is no need as you can't damage an engine bearing through lack of oil pressure if the engine isn't turning!

Canopy warning lamp goes out when it's locked down, generator and alternator lights go out when one of the engines is above fast idle and they start to generate... etc..

So, yes, I'll explain when each lamp goes on or off under normal conditions, and then fault conditions too.

Yes, I can do photo groups on certain panels / areas / pieces of equipment.

As I took SO many photos around the cockpit (circa >900) I did have a crack at installing two different Photogrammetry software options, but there is no package yet ready for easy installation on Linux without manually messing around with LOADS of dependencies. I hope one day for someone to make a repository package for one of the Photogrammatry options which includes all dependencies. May be easier on Windows (I hate to say it)..

Cheers, Scott

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06 Nov 2018 04:28 - 06 Nov 2018 05:23 #40747 by Algernon
OK, so time to fork right off... let's take the warning system discussion elsewhere . I think there's enough information already on your website, Scott, that - as you suggest - a rundown of the indicators, and how they operate under normal AND fault conditions, will be enough. A suggestion for how we approach this will be in the new thread, once I've read through the pilots notes and mulled over it briefly.

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