If you are bringing something thats not available in the FGUK hanger, please  post a link to its download.


We'll meet in front of the Tower at SEQM at 2000 UTC. Bring a helicopter of your choice remembering that all of the airports we will be flying in and out of are above 7000' - 9000' and we'll be flying up to 14000' at times and maintaining a cruise speed of around 110 KIAS. Basically we will be flying South following I35 South thru the very heart of Volcano Alley and past a number of dormant volcano's.

We'll be passing Chimborazo - peak elevation 20,600' and other significant mountains.

Basic route: SEQM







 At final destination SECU/Mariscal Lamar we'll be landing in front of the steel shelters. Take off at SEQM/Mariscal Sucre is 7800'.


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