At some point in our coastal foray we will turn abruptly to 90 degrees and fly inland where we will attempt to land at NZMC - Mt. Cook. I have not yet made this landing but they tell me it's possible. :woohoo:
Either way we will proceed at 40 degrees again to ICAO - NZNZ - Nelson for refueling and refreshment/fueling.

We will depart Nelson and proceed to NZCH at 12000 and play follow the leader. at the southern end of Lake Ellemore we will turn West to the mountains and then turn southerly towards Queenstown - ICAO - NZQN and then turn towards our point of departure at Invercargill/NZNV



Please gather the entire South of New Zealand and maybe practice the landing at Mt. Cook if you can. Please let us know what aircraft you intend on bringing and we hope to see ya'll there.



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