The scenario is simple: a frolicking game of "Grab Ass" VooDoo Style...bring any flavor of the BAE Hawk you desire from the FGUK Hangar and meet me at KPHX at 2000 UTC. We'll depart and circle the airport until everyone gets their bearings and then it'll be a case of "Follow the Leader" into the significant terrain. I'll start the chase but at any time I'll appoint another pilot as the leader and at that point that pilot takes the lead and becomes the Fox in our private Fox and Hound blast thru valleys and over rivers and lakes.



As always, the idea of being the leader is not to escape but to lead a merry chase where following aircraft can stay in close proximity for a camera. You can fly fast and we'll be pushing our Ponies to the limit as our nominal speed will be set at 410 KIAS. Bring a center line mounted 1000 fuel tank and maybe practice just a bit before the flight. Sorry - this is a Hawk Specific flight and only The Hawk from the FGUK Hangar will be recognized as the mount du Jour.


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