Scenery differences ?

02 Nov 2018 18:15 - 02 Nov 2018 18:20 #40701 by Porcius
***Stoopid Alert***
I have become increasingly envious of the scenery in Stuarts screenshots & videos.:(
I am having to run version 2017.3.1 (trying to eliminate FGFS.exe crashes during MP flights) and I think Stuart is running 2018.3.2 (?).
I'm on Windoz 7Ultimate, not sure if Stu is on W10.
I have recently (3 months ago) deleted and re-gathered TerrorSink scenery.
I am therefore unsure as to the reason why there is a (maybe perceived ?) difference, is it because of different FG versions ? Does 17.3 handle scenery differently to 18.3 ? Has Rembrandt an effect on scenery ? Does a 10 series gfx card render scenery better than a 9 series ? etc

Your thoughts please ?


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02 Nov 2018 18:24 #40702 by StuartC
Im not always running standard scenery. There is some custom areas in the Development area for framerate testing etc which use a much higher definition scenery mesh.
Apart from that, its all down to shader settings and even Environment settings in FG. All the screen shots and videos lately are on ALS, not Rembrandt.

If you haven't seen them already, I have tutorial videos on how to get the best out of your settings in ALS and in Rembrandt.

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12 Nov 2018 11:45 #40874 by hughesm

I do agree, I often see other scenery and amquite envious. I tried all the settings and get something quite nice from a distance but my scenery is generally empty. I look at other screenshots and do think "wow - that's what I am after".

For me it seems the scenery I wait to download is not rendered in 2018 and I've been trying for 6 months to figure it out. This weekend I removed my pointers to my scenery director to let flightgear repopulate the standard directories but nothing changed. I cannot even find files with current datestamps to prove they have been saved anymore.

Perhaps we should start a "you show me yours and I'll show you mine" set to tests to see what others are seeing so we can all get the best from flightgear because athe moment I find myself returning to Xplane11. I prefer the community in flightgear, no doubt they are nicer people, but the result of flying from Geneva to Milan via 10 airports leaves me a bit "empty" as there is no "reward".

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12 Nov 2018 14:36 #40879 by Avionyx
That's a good idea, TBH with FG most of the time I find that it can be a mix of scenery, settings and pure luck as to how good it looks. Can fly over some areas with different weather/time settings and it looks awful.

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