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06 Aug 2013 12:40 #10623 by dacer
I don't want to make competence to TS server, but If you have some problems some day with it, you can connect to my Mumble Server. Mumble runs fine in a lot of OS, not only $Window$

It's publicated on flightgear forums:

port: 64738

Mumble has a problem with username, when you register for first time, it generate a key, and do not allow any other __MACHINE__ to login. But If you try to login with other PC or you format it, then they detect a different key and do not allow this login. You can change your nick and solved.

When someone has this problem, I can reset key so you can keep using same nick.


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06 Aug 2013 16:19 - 06 Aug 2013 16:41 #10625 by Tomaskom
I haven't seen any problems on TS so far. I know about Mumble, but TS is what is used here I don't have any problem with that, since the client is available for Linux (which I use) too.
Well... as long as you don't want to run the server on some ARM microcomputer (eg. Raspberry Pi which I'm willing to buy), where it is a no-go, because TS doesn't provide binary for those platforms nor source code. And here Mumble would be the way to go.
As long as TS works well, I have no problem with it, even if it's "closed". ;) That being said, there is simply no motivation to switch.

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06 Aug 2013 18:56 #10628 by dacer
ok, I don't want to replace TS, only if you have some problems some days, you can use this server for free when you want.

I have a Pi, but mumble server is on a amd64 pc. I have a "to do" work to port mumble to pi, but I have no time to do. I have a 9 month baby and take me all my time :woohoo:


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06 Aug 2013 19:47 #10629 by Algernon
I'd be quite interested in alternative voice comms if they offered something new - for instance, integration with FlightGear similar to FGCom but for military channels, and simulated "secure" channels. I know the big concern about FGCom was that too many people would use it for chatter, and thus use many valuable server resources, but I'm not sure that's actually the case. I'd like to see air-to-air communication possible within radio range, as well as air to ground.

FGCom is already the standard for VHF, and that's cool with me. But if we could have UHF/MIDS datalink voice controlled from within FG... much more interesting! TS is a great option for non-realistic "intercom", but virtual missions could be a lot more interesting with several secure virtual channels to operate on...

As an emergency measure, if we have a TS problem, your server could be handy. Thanks! :)

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