Capture the Flag

13 Aug 2017 11:44 #35077 by Algernon
So, I was thinking during last night's flight that it might be fun to do some team games, especially now that I have started work on providing in-sim information to OBS for use in our YouTube and Twitch channels. I'm going to attempt to write a script that allows us to play the classic game of Capture the Flag.

The idea is, we play over territory that is divided into two halves - the size of the territory is dependent on the speed of the aircraft in question. For example purposes, and probably for the first few trials, I'm going to assume this is fast jet, so lets say we use the whole 100 miles of MP coverage.

So, a 100-mile-long pitch - at each end, a twenty mile buffer zone behind the "goal line", leaving sixty miles of neutral ground between. The game starts with each team's flag behind their line (the flag will be a physical model that trails coloured smoke). You have to fly into enemy territory, pick up the flag, and get back to behind your own line to score. There will also be bonuses. You will be able to take the flag from other aircraft (even your own team's), scoring a personal bonus each time you successfully steal the flag from another aircraft by flying dangerously close to it for five seconds. Each time the flag is taken across the enemy's line, it reappears a minute later at a random point behind its own goal line and the action starts again.

Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions and potential problems welcome! I already have a fair idea of how the code will work, but obviously implementation may be fraught - it is FlightGear after all!! ;)
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