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10 Jan 2019 22:04 #41533 by hughesm

Excuse my numpty question but i have been trying this for a week now....

I want to have some AI traffic around a grass strip where this is no ground network, so i thought a flightplan with waypoints would be right

However I cannot get the plane to appear, I've tried a whole variety of planes/lon/lat/alt/ktas etc and stripped out tags for gear, on-ground and flaps to try and get the bare minimum working

standard AI works, as do the included scenarios such as balloons and wingman, so i think my install is working, its just my nonsense that isn't.

My scenario appears in the menu, but the aircraft does not appear.

I chose the lon/lat to be just in front of my ufo so think the lon/lat are correct.

would some mind having a look and politely suggest what might be wrong ?

scenario ( EGTHWanderings) and flightplan ( EGTH) files attached

thank you !!

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11 Jan 2019 19:55 - 11 Jan 2019 19:58 #41539 by ChrisL

In your flightplan: EGTH.xml (this was egth.xml, Linux user you see).

The final waypoint should be: <name>END</name>

Also at the end should read: </PropertyList> (case sensitive).

Hope this helps.

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14 Jan 2019 20:12 #41616 by hughesm
Hi Chris,


I tried for 3 evenings to fix this and it turns out it was the case sensitivity of the file name. It never occurred to me that that would matter on windows 10, but it did !

I really appreciate you responding.

I was aware that the xml files are a little cumbersome and prone to error if you create them by hand so i have 2 spreadsheets that take a list of waypoints, or a list of airports, and builds the xml files for you, making it quite quick to create a lot of traffic. I wanted the waypoint version so i could do a vintage air show at Shuttleworth

Once I've made them a bit more robust i can post the macros if anyone is interested but they are really basic.

I fell victim to one of the sensitivities of XML that i was trying to avoid with my macros !!

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