FlightNight November 17 - Bhutan, Nepal, and Meghalaya

We'll meet at 8 PM London Time at ICAO: VNCG. The only acceptable aircraft this week will be the Aero Commander 500 from the FGUK Hangar.

We will depart VNCG and fly at approx. 15000' and 140 KIAS to VEBD, VE44, and then on to VQPR. The landing at VQPR is absolutely treacherous so we'll be taking things slow and easy. The airport is fabulous and the scenery beautiful so it'll be worth the extra effort.

After refuel and refresh we'll be heading directly to VQ10 as our final destination...another beautiful airport at about 9000'. The landing is not particularly difficult but the runway is short and surrounded by significant terrain



Comms will be on TeamSpeak as always:


Lots of cool stuff to see. I hope to see as many pilots as possible!



Main event thread for updates:-


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