29th Sept, 8pm UK time.

Welcome to FlightNight Sept 29!

Grab your Afghan coat, wear all yer mood rings and get ready to let yer freak flag fly! This FlightNight, we're gonna get high!

The Route Manager FP:- https://www.dropbox.com/s/bt6l2ezlylp70no/FN_Kat.zip?dl=0

or plug it in yourself!


Biratnagar - VNVT
Lukla - VNLK
Syangboche - VNSB
LDA - Lamidada NDB
Simara - VNSI
Meghauli - VNMG
BDA - Bhattedanda VOR-DME
Kathmandu - VNKT


So, there might be some death. In the rare air, stall speed and big rocks can challenge. We'll be flying up to the closest airfields to Mount Everest, fly a bit around the big mountain and play before landing at Syangboche, unless it's too difficult for most (Lukla is the secondary airport for a break if that's the case).
part two will take a long downhill run out to Simara, with a big loop to bring us in to Katmandu.

Be there or be cubed.

Aircraft: Pilatus PC-9M

No others. None. No exchanges. No refunds.

Oh, and you might will have to fly it like you stole it.

There will be scenery which is delightful, but you might miss some while attempting not to die.

Hahahahaha! :evil:


Main event thread for updates:-


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