Saturday 1 September, 8pm UK time,: Wieluń Memorial Flight


Base plan will be a Memorial Flight around Wieluń in Poland. This was the first area bombed (by Stukas) that kicked off WW2. When? Why on September 1 of course!

The planned route for FlightNight will be as follows:


We will start at the site of the original bombing campaign at Neider-Ellguth (EPKN), which was located in Germany (now Poland) with respect to pre-WW2 borders. We will then overfly the sites of the first aerial offensive of the war, at Radomsko, Dzialszyn and Sujelow, before taking a break at Łódź Władysław Reymont airport (EPLL).

After this, its a cross country flight, past fix GRU (Grudziadz) and onto flypast the docks area of Gdansk (the Westerplatte, site of the 1st ground offensive 3-5 mins. after the aerial attack) before circling around to conclude the flight at Gdynia-Kosakowo airport (EPOK).


Flight plan:-


Plan will be to have an assortment of period planes.  Ideally, would like to see Spit (possibly in Polish regiment), Hurricane, some kind of bomber (Stirling, Lanc, Hali), a Messy Schmit and of course a Stuka.

Here's the list of suitable beasts.

Handley-Page-Halifax - tested OK
Short Stirling - tested OK
SpitfireVb_VooDoo - tested OK - suggest BB Mem. Flt. (has specific recognition on nose for Polish fighters contributions) Addition!  New liv - [url=](RAF 215 (Deblinski) Sqn)[/url]
Hurricane - N/A from Hangar, FGmembers version @ Github works if you can get it off the ground.
Bf109 - can't start (could be me), mapping issue and possible YASIM errors
Stuka (FGmembers) - tested OK
North American P-51 Mustang III - tested OK
Focke-Wulf FW-190 - tested OK

Must be able to maintain 220kts.

Main event thread:-


All voice coms will be using  TS3:-

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