FlightNight January 6th, 8pm UK time - Pyrenees Mountains Tour


We'll meet at 8pm London Time at ICAO: LESO - San Sebastian on the West coast of Spain. Due to the roll out and public release of the new Cessna T-50 Bobcat I'd love for as many as possible to show up with one of these:


It's tail dragger so you might want to spend some time practicing. If you'd like you can bring any alternative light aircraft that can maintain up to 150 KIAS at 11K'. If it's not common please link to it so we don't see Blue Gliders. The Aero Commander is a good alternate choice. Exact cruise speed will be determined by what time we get started.

We'll depart LESO and fly directly to LESU and land for fuel and refreshment. This can be a difficult airport so be advised. :evil: :woohoo: :woohoo: :kiss: After refreshment we'll head off to LEAP, LFMP, and finally LFMU. Beautiful scenery awaits!

Hope to see as many as possible there!



Main event thread for updates:-




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