9th September, 8pm UK time LER-155

LER-155 is a Restricted Area for aviation in the Sierra Nevada National Park, southern Spain.

Overflying is permanently prohibited (from FL130 to ground level) except for state aircraft and flights cleared by the National Park authority for the conservation of the Park. Basically, that's mostly firefighters, air ambulances, Police and the Air Force. By a stroke of luck, the Spanish Air Force helicopter school is situated just to the west of LER-155 at Armilla (LEGA).

Timing: Meet up at 20:00 BST (UK time) at Armilla Air Base (LEGA) for two hours of flying in the mountains. The first hour will be a leisurely run through of the circuit, flying low down in the valleys. After a break back at Armilla, we will then do it faster and even lower! Bring a HELICOPTER that can maintain a cruise speed of 120kt or more.

Route: see: HERE

There is a Route Manager /FlightPlan file in the distribution folder ( LER-155_flightplan.xml )

Sim Conditions: We will be using live weather (unless it's really dreadful) and a dawn start-up, 0600 UTC, 0800 local Spanish time:

Comms will be on TeamSpeak ONLY, see: http://www.fguk.eu/index.php/2013-09-03-13-01-02/radio-comms/20-team-speak3-server-details

Download Area drive.google.com/open?id=0B--Hs57yKe7CNHlWellsTWg5N2M


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