Saturday 13th May 2017

Start Finish Times
20:00 - 22:00 BST

Fast Jets

Very low level to FL160

Start Location - LRCV - Craiova International Airport Romania

Break Refuel - LRBC - George Enescu International Airport Romania

End Location - LHBP - Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport Hungary

Flight Plan,22.302978528295178&chart=301&zoom=8&fpl=%20LRCV%204433N02327E%204438N02312E%204446N02259E%204444N02238E%204452N02224E%204511N02246E%204517N02257E%204525N02321E%204512N02323E%204511N02423E%204521N02416E%204539N02416E%20BRV%204539N02605E%204521N02623E%204536N02650E%20LRBC%204656N02622E%204655N02605E%204715N02542E%204720N02524E%20LRBM%20LHBP

Please post witch aircraft you wish to bring.

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