We'll be flying fast and relatively low so pick a jet that can manage 500 - 550 KIAS at altitudes of 100' to 6000'. I'll be flying the SU-27. We'll meet at 8 PM UK time at San Juan International in Puerto Rico - ICAO: TJSJ and depart fast and low (500 KIAS) towards and over fly: TJBQ --> Punto Cana: MDPC --> Las Americas : MDSD --> MTPP --> and land for refueling at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba: MUGM.

After refreshing and refueling we'll depart Northward to Nasau in the Bahamas: MYNN and proceed at 24000' and 400 KIAS to Miami International: KMIA for our final destination. The first part of the flight will carry us West along Puerto Rico, to the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and to Cuba...the second part of the flight is a 24000' cruise over The Bahamas to Miami. So gather scenery as needed beforehand.



If you pick an aircraft that is not from the FGUK Hangars please post a link and tell us where we can get it so we see a minimum of Blue Gliders. Comms will be on TeamSpeak as always. Hope to see ya'll there!








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