22nd April, 8pm UK time.

The Vinson Carrier Group will be cruising off (North of) The Galapagos Islands. We'll use Seymour Airport on the island of Baltra as our starting point. Beautiful and fairly well developed airport - the ICAO is: SEGS


You can bring any aircraft you'd like, Fixed Wing or Rotary, Jets...anything you are comfortable trying to land on the Carrier. Please post links in advance if your aircraft is not in the FGUK Hangar to avoid as many Blue Gliders as possible. Please meet up at SEGS/Seymour at 8PM UK time and we'll use TeamSpeak to avoid "Type and Crash".


Hope to see ya'll there - the Carrier Group will be traveling at a heading of about 295 degrees starting East of the Islands and proceeding at about 20 knots.



Now the Instructions on how to see  the MP version on the Vinson.


You need to download the MP carrier pack ( installs to your aircraft folder ) :-



Mirror for the carrier package :-



When in FlightGear, you need to  run the CVN-70 USS Vinson AI scenario from the AI - Traffic & Scenario menu.

From the VIEW- ADJUST  LOD RANGES menu, set the distance of AI/MP aircraft to something like 100 miles.

From the MULTIPLAYER menu, MP CARRIER SELECTION to open the dialogue box ( which will only appear if you have done all of the above correctly ). Select the active carrier on the list.

NOTE. The Vinson Battlegroup can  take time to load in and be available to you due  to the number of ships in the battlegroup.



All voice coms will be conducted via  Ts3:-



Main event thread:-


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