What the hell is he talking about? Well, take british jets of the 50's and 60's, bring them together and fly over Southern Britains plains and possibly beyond the channel into the enemies territory.. Ooops! Nah, everything's allright - just for saying Hi and maybe having a cup of tea over there ;)

No one ever said a word about atomic bombs... never...


Choose from our hangar, we got plenty of them there:

de Havilland Vampire
Blackburn Buccaneer
Hawker Hunter
de Havilland Sea Vixen
Gloster Javelin
English Electric Canberra
Avro Vulcan, if you like it big

The flight route will be posted here together with a flight plan.

Oh, and get yourself Flightgear 2017.1.2 ... Multiplayer Sound! Yes! It's back :D

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