We'll meet at 2000 UTC at Chimborazo Airport, ICAO: SERB. This time we *will* be attempting landings on top of the extinct volcano, Mt. Chimborazo. The elevation is roughly 20,400'. The airport altitude is about 9000'. Bring the 'chopper of your choice from the FGUK Hangar but please test your choice prior to the flight. I have made this landing several times in the EC145 and this will be my mount for the night. After landing at Chimborazo we will fly smartly off to the East and visit another, horseshoe shaped extinct crater surrounded by peaks of an elevation above 16,000'.

We won't be landing at Volcan Altar but we will frolic briskly within the confines of the U shaped crater before returning to SERB to land, refuel, refresh, etc.


After refueling we will make our way roughly Northish thru the towering peaks at altitudes of about 14K' to Chachoan/SEAM, then on to Cotopaxi/SELT, and hopefully have time to get to Mariscal Sucre/SEQM for our final destination. There will be extinct volcanoes and towering peaks of all manner as well as thick equatorial vegetation below so choose your chopper wisely.

Certainly there will be some foolish behavior and fun times - it'll be April Fools Day after all!! :woohoo: :lol:

Hope to see ya'll there!

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