25th March 8pm UK time. 

A  bit of a special and sad flight this week.

This is a recreation of the final flight by the Lynx Helicopter in UK Service.


The Flight was undertaken by 4  HMA8 Lynx on Friday 17th March 2017. This was the retirement of the final  "Classic" lynx from UK Service. They have now been replaced by Wildcats.


As we do not have the HMA8 version available yet ( we are working on it though ), this event will be open to any of the 3 Lynx variants available in our Current "Classic" lynx package found here:-




No other aircraft are permitted  for  this flight. The Lynx package has had a minor update for this flight.


The real flight took around 5 hours to complete. As we will be pushing the Lynx much harder and have less stops I do hope to get   as far round the route as possible in our 2 hour flight slot. It will be  a sharp departure at 8pm. if you are late you will need to catch up.  ( note to  people on the wrong side of the pond,  the UK Daylight savings dose not start until the day after this flight ).


A route manger file can be downloaded here;-



The Actual route taken:-


Depart RNAS Yeovilton  EGDY


 Glastonbury Tor   51.164596, -2.683325


Rolls Royce Filton  51.532481, -2.564321


Weston-super-Mare helicopter museum   51.347286, -2.922192


 Devonport  50.378723, -4.164848


Britannia Royal Naval College    50.365721, -3.576908


 (will follow the coast to Lyme Regis).


Lyme Regis  50.726459, -2.931805


 RNAS Yeovilton  EGDY


Depart RNAS Yeovilton  EGDY


Leonardo Helicopters  50.943583, -2.645001


Portland  EGDP


Lulworth  50.628666, -2.243528


Sandbanks Poole, 50.707981, -1.938915


 Fleetlands   50.907350, -1.092453


Navy Command Headquarters  50.817154, -1.098912


Odiham  EGVO


Depart Odiham  EGVO


Isle of Dogs  51.515792, -0.006523


Westbound following River Thames


Middle Wallop  EGVP


Boscombe Down EGDM


Compton Abbas   50.973102, -2.182417


Arrive back at RNAS Yeovilton  EGDY


All coms will be via TeamSpeak only. Chopper flying requires all hands on sticks so no typing.

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