We'll meet at 2000 UTC at ICAO: LPHR/Horta. Bring your choice of helicopter from the FGUK Hangar being aware that we'll be running fast and low. 130 - 135 KIAS and 100' AGL for much of the trip. From the starting point we will fly directly to LPPI and then on to LPSJ where we will follow the entire coastline of the island of Sao Jorge.



Upon arriving back at LPSJ we will return to LPPI climbing briskly to an altitude of about 7800' where we will attempt a landing on Pico - an extinct volcano before landing at LPPI to refresh and refuel. So, make sure your choice of chopper can function at 8000'.



We'll leave Pico and fly at an altitude of 100' AGL and 130+ KIAS all the way to LPPD/Porta Del Gada which is an hour flight over water. Comms will be on TeamSpeak and since we will be pushing the limits and using both hands and both feet to fly choppers any chat requests that involve type and crash will be ignored. We have state of the art communications - please don't pester the Flight Leader with requests via MP Chat. Please monitor comms even if you don't have a mic.



We'll be pressed for time and this one will likely run 5 minutes long so we'll be in the air smartly at maybe 2003 UTC. Late comers will need to catch up - refresh/refuel break at Pico/LPPI will be 10 minutes. I'll be flying the Hughes MD500E in daVinci Corporate livery.

Hope to see you there!!


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