Flightgear has come a long way and we're now at a point where we can do these journeys into it's beautiful scenery. So let's do just that: Having a good time hanging around together ..

Beautiful people in their beautiful machines surrounded by beautiful scenery. It's great.. It's true..

:lol: :P B)

In helicopters of course ... we will travel down a huge valley, climb up mountain sides and enjoy the view up there. It will all happen down around LOKN.

We will travel up north and to the west along the valley. Amazing views around here. Then we will turn around and go down south east, crossing the italian border and have a look around there.

In the end, if time allows, we will try climbing on of those high towers around our destination just for the fun of it. ;)

The exact tour will be presented here so watch this space.

Startup Location: LOKN (Someone pimped that airfield! Good job)
Weather Setting: Core High Pressure
Time Setting: Afternoon


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