This little Garmin addon open in its own window. it can ether run on the same PC as FlightGear, or you can set up ports so it transmits your location data to any  PC/laptop on your home network, and it can run the Garmin.

You can download it from



The Install is fairly simple, you just  point it at your main FG install folder and it will do the rest. Currently its only for Windows but I see  reference in the instructions for Lynux so that version may be pending.

The only little issue the auto installer has is where it creates a custom FG launch icon, which doesnt work, but heres how to get it to work and its fairly simple.

If you are using the new style launcher that ships with the 20116+ versions of flight gear:-

Find your normal desktop icon for FG, right click on it and select PROPERTIES, then select the SHORTCUT TAB.

You are going to be editing the   shortcut to contain the following:-

 --generic=socket,out,10,,12347,udp,freeairmap --generic=socket,out,1,,12348,udp,freeairmapai

so, as an example the target line will end up looking like this:-

"G:\games\flightgear\FlightGear 2016.4.1\bin\fgfs.exe" --generic=socket,out,10,,12347,udp,freeairmap --generic=socket,out,1,,12348,udp,freeairmapai --launcher

Obviously the path to fgfs will depend on your own  install folder location.


If you use the traditional FGRUN from older Fg versions, you can still use the Garmin. Open FGRUN as norman and go to page 1



You are editing the top line as indicated to add in the previous extra commands:-   --generic=socket,out,10,,12347,udp,freeairmap --generic=socket,out,1,,12348,udp,freeairmapai

Example of the  line should end up looking somehing like:-

G:/games/flightgear/FlightGear 2016.4.1/bin/fgfs.exe --generic=socket,out,10,,12347,udp,freeairmap --generic=socket,out,1,,12348,udp,freeairmapai

Again, the path to fgfs.exe will depend on your own install location.

FG is now ready to run.

Start the map from it "Free AirMap for FlightGear" desktop icon, and run FG and it will detect your location and adjust accordingly.

What can I say, it works!








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