We will depart EIKN and fly at a course of roughly 238 degrees to the West coast where we will briefly tour Connemara National Park and take in the rolling hills where they meet the sea before proceeding Northish along the coast and significant terrain. We'll follow the coast up to EIDL - Donegal Airport where we'll be landing for refreshment and fuel.

We'll depart EIDL and roughly follow the coast to EGAE, EGAC, EIDW, and on to our final destination EIWF - Waterford Airport - where we'll land for a final picture.

I'll be flying the Spitfire Vb and kindly ask again that attending pilots give us a heads up about the aircraft they'll be flying and where we can get it if it is outside of the FGUK Hangar. See ya'll there!



All voice coms will be using TS3:-



Event will be live broadcast:-



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