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FGUK Latest

CH-53E arrives at FGUK

The FGUK Updated version of the CH-53E is now available foe download.



V1.5 to date.

Changes over V1.2 -

The Entire aircraft has been re scaled to the correct dimensions. ( Increased by around 25% )

FDM update to use YASIM CURRENT version and tweaked to correct handling + power outputs.

Added Multiplayer crew positions.

Walker added by Richard Harris

Pilots added.

Ramp animated.

Added the FGUK Advanced lighting kit.

Added MP sound.

Corrected the livery swapping code to work over Multiplayer.

Added function to the MFD's

Corrected bad cockpit texture.

Air-Air refueling should now work ( untested ).

Known bugs:-

MP animations for the doors + Ramp. MP code for the lights.

Download it  HERE

AH-1W Supercobra released.

AH-1W Supercobra released.


Preview video HERE






 Re released and updated by FGUK, under the correct CC licence.

 Fixed and replaced the broken sound FX.

 Added MP sound.

 Added FGUK Advanced lighting kit.

 Added a HUD

 Added Instrumentation to the gunners cockpit.

 Added additional views.

 MP Gunner position - available as passenger only for the moment.

 15 High Res liveries included.

FDM updated to use YASIM CURRENT VERSION, suitable for FG V3.2+

 Animated the TILAD to track with the gun position.

Tornado 1.5 Preview

Tornado 1.5 Preview


Neilson has been working hard away at texture mapping and skinning the Development version of the Tornado (Currently V 1.5)
We hope to have something released into the FlightGear community soon so watch this space!

Saturday Flights

November 28, 8pm UKtime, 2015: Volcano Watch

Details are very sketchy at the moment, but a volcano is close to erupting. Apparently, this should be non life-threatening as long as enough data can be gathered to organise evacuation in time. It is vital that aircraft are available to transport boffins and their instrumentation around in the coming days. We will also be needed to help clear the area of people.

Engineers are in the area, with heavy machinery, frantically trying to build some makeshift landing zones. These may or may not be ready in time. So it will call for pilots that are capable of landing helicopters in difficult circumstances. Above all, it will call for pilots who are capable of installing custom scenery  But even if you don't completely fit the bill, you can still come along for the ride. If you can't fly a helicopter you can still come along as an MP-passenger - and probably get some good screenshots/video. And, even if you can't install custom scenery: it's still a nice area to fly around in.


Route: First half (8-10pm UK time) Starting at W27, Woodland Airfield, runway 32. See this post for more details


Comms will be on TeamSpeak, see: www.fgukmedia.co.uk/index.php/forum/radio-comms


Watch this space so we can go and watch the volcano! See volcanoes.usgs.gov/observatories/cvo/ for the general location. Probably before the time of most here but I remember this happening