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FlightGear 3.0 Released


February 17, 2014 - FlightGear v3.0 is Released!

The FlightGear development team is happy to announce the v3.0 release of FlightGear, the free, open-source flight simulator. This new version contains many exciting new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Highlights in this release include integration of the FGCom voice communications client within the simulator, improved terrain rendering, faster scenery loading, and improved usability. This release also coincides with the release of FlightGear World Scenery 2.0 – massively improved scenery data covering the entirety of the planet and incorporating OpenStreetMap roads and detailed terrain information from a variety of sources.

A list of major changes can be found at: http://wiki.flightgear.org/Changelog_3.0.

Downloads are available here: http://www.flightgear.org/download/main-program/


High Speed TSR2 Flight to Akrotiri

The FGUK pilots whose TSR2s made it to Cyprus

StuartC led a flight of latest-version TSR2-GR3s, one of FGUK's fantasy operational aircraft projects. Featuring all new liveries from the studio of thebroons and needing a firm hand on the stick, the flight took just under two and a half hours to reach Athens.

This is a news story. How does it look?

There should be some Red Arrows here. At the moment, there isn't, and I'm not sure why. I'm going to look into it anyway.

Saturday Flights

FGUK's Saturday Flight

FGUK's Saturday flight is, to our knowledge, the longest-running regular multiplayer event in the FlightGear Universe, ever! Each week, pilots from all over the world gather at 2000hrs UTC for a flight in company, themed and planned by one of our regular pilots. Watch this very space for details on the next flight, or visit the Saturday Flights subforum.

    • Algernon's Avatar
    • FlightNight 9/8/14 Mach loop challenge
    • Yeah, I thought that too and I've looked into it - I think there's a Nasal class to create stopwatch-type timers too, so it could be done in various ways. And then your time is presumably broadcast over chat? I think...
    • Neilson's Avatar
    • FlightNight 9/8/14 Mach loop challenge
    • Would you like to replicate the GTA style arrangement, with a large marker for your next waypoint and a smaller one for the one after that, all others invisible? I think this would be ideal for it, I have a blender...
    • Algernon's Avatar
    • FlightNight 9/8/14 Mach loop challenge
    • I'm no convinced Canvas would actually be any better than a 3D model in this case, I'm pretty sure I know how it can be done using Nasal to load and place blender models, and do anything with them. I reckon that...