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FGUK Gazelle - Featured at Helisimmer

Helisimmer.com, a cross platform Helicopter Flight Simulation news portal has published an article about the FGUK Gazelle.

Read the article here and keep an eye out at FGUK for the latest Gazelle soon!


English Electric Lightning T5.

FGUK's first full Dual Control Aircraft reaches its first public BETA release.



One of the most iconic military aircraft of all time, the English Electric Lightning was the first British aircraft designed for supersonic flight. Able to launch in under a minute, climb to altitudes in excess of 80,000ft and even overtake Concorde, its astonishing "rocket with a seat" performance and inimitable appearance have earned it a prominent place in the history of aviation.

In the package:

Lightning T5

  • Two-seat variant with full Multiplayer Dual Control
  • Rembrandt optimised
  • ENO improved audio handling
  • Enhanced FGUK view selection
  • Realistic FCS (Autopilot) 
  • Ultra-realistic C-1607/4 U/VHF controller

Download it HERE

UH-60 package updated.

The UH60 updated package is now release and represents a complete rebuild of the whole package.




This version is an complete rebuild of the UH-60 package. Please delete previous versions before use.

All new FDM for both versions using YASIM current version. Suitable for FG V3.2+

All new sound pack for both versions.

Both versions  now support MP Crew ( currently as passengers only ).

Updated help file on both ( please read ).

Advanced lighting pack for Rembrandt or ALS use. ( all lights controlled via switches in the cockpit ).

Air-Air refueling supported.

The HD version:-

New cockpit

New Model with more detail.

11 High Def liveries.

8 Aircraft configuration options, all view-able over Multiplayer and will affect aircraft performance.

The Standard Version:-

New cockpit ( but not the same as the HD one ).

9 detailed liveries.

3 Aircraft configuration options, all view-able over Multiplayer and wil affect aircraft performance


You can download the latest version HERE


Saturday Flights

FlightNight 01 Oct 2016: Airport Taxi Runs


Timings and conditions: 8pm to 10pm UK local time. Departure will be at 8:05 pm. If you are late for the departure - for whatever reason - then you'll just have to catch up to fit into the schedule. Can't keep the customers waiting :) Weather core high pressure to be certain of being able to see the helipads and sim-time set for "Afternoon" (5pm local). Last drop-off will therefore be close to sunset. For the hard of reading, I'll write this again: departure will be at 8:05 pm UK local time.

Aircraft: Anything suitable from the FGUK public hangar, which pretty well means helicopters. If you want to turn up in something else, especially if you don't provide a link beforehand, then don't be too surprised if you get blanked/ignored.


Pick up and drop off at the custom FGUK-franchised landing zones . .




Scenario and route file available at:http://fguk.eu/Ramp/index.php/s/xEAXNPG0rlh3oxy/download



Try to stay below 500' AGL (unless landing on tall buildings) and don't cross any main runways if there any other MP pilots using them at the time. The helipads are more for guidance than for actually parking on - so please don't hog them. Move away slightly after your final approach to make way for others.


All voice coms with be on TeamSpeak:-


    • Porcius's Avatar
    • October 15th 2016 - May I...?
    • I was going to take it.... but as you have posted it up, You are more than welcome. Anything you guys put out is far more interesting than I can produce anyway. Carry on mate. Porcy :) PS - 1st & 8th October are out...
    • Algernon's Avatar
    • October 15th 2016 - May I...?
    • If nobody's got this, can I take it? I don't think I've been at a FlightNight for almost two months now :( C'est la vrai vie...
    • Algernon's Avatar
    • FlightNight 01 Oct 2016: Airport Taxi Runs
    • There are loads of things that I can do, but are slow, dangerous, inelegant and against my principles, so I don't. And I've even tried to fly an FG helicopter once or twice and survived. It's not that we can't, we just...
    • Vodoun da Vinci's Avatar
    • FlightNight 01 Oct 2016: Airport Taxi Runs
    • Yeah 'cept Alex breaks out in hives with 'choppers. Kinda like Stuart and GA aircrafts.....allergies. :lol: Sincerely, I thought Alex did a bang up job flying the UH-60 last weekend. So, he's been outed. He can fly...