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FGUK Latest

BAE Harrier GR5 now available.

The First of the Harrier II Varients.






Release Notes:-






First public release of the GR5 harrier.


FDM taylored to the GR5 using YASIM current version, suitable for FG 3.2+


Rembrandt ready


FGUK advanced lighting kit.


Photo texture main dashboard.


MP Sound.


MP viewable payloads.


5 Liveries included.


Read the Aircraft help file.


12 Quick Configuration options available in the  Harriers menu.

Bell Huey UH1, 212, 412 package update.


The In Aircraft help file hase been updated with new keybindings and instructions, please read it !!!!!

Multiplayer crew option available on all 3 versions.

Fixed - Livery swapping over Multiplayer.

All 3 Choppers are now configurable  with different Mission loads. See the Huey Configuration menu. ( Please read the in aircraft  Help file ). Each configuration is viewable over multiplayer.

Guns and Rockets can only be fired if the aircraft is configured with them. 7 Rockets per side + each minigun carries 1000 rounds.

Crop sprayer will only spray if the aircraft is configured with it.

Movable searchlight when you use the SAR configuration ( works over multiplayer ).

FDM's tweaked to load with 100% fuel and to cope with the payload weights.

Pilots change to suit the Aircraft configuration.

Advanced lighting kit fitted


Download it  HERE

OH-6 / MD-500C now available at FGUK.

Download HERE



Continuation of the work by Icecode and Star

FDM -  New FDM using YASIM CURRENT version, based on a de tuned version of our MD500E. Suitable for FG 3.2+

New sound pack + MP sound.

New instrument panel + instruments.

Cosmetic changes to the interior.

The Doors are removable ( viewable over MP ) for that wind in your hair "Nam"  experience.

10 liverlies included.

Saturday Flights

FlightNight 21st May 2016 - Jungly

When we did the Papua trip on October 24th last year, we ran out of time to do all the airstrips. The aircraft used needs to be able to do very short takeoffs and landings but it would be better if it could get up to 250kts easily between the airstrips as well as not struggling to get over some steep hills. So, to make it easier to complete the course on time, we will use Harriers :woohoo:

Download folder: warty.16mb.com/FlightNights/jungly.zip

Aircraft specs: need to be able to operate from a 1200ft airfield and maintain 250 kts easily. For example a Harrier - or maybe even the F-35 - if you can fly one !

Route: First half (8:10-8:50pm UK time) WAJF, rwy:23 >> WA0T, rwy:09 >> WXX6, rwy:19 >> WA0L, rwy:18 >> WZ91, rwy:17 >> WX02, rwy:20 >> WXX5, rwy:08 >> WXX2, rwy:20. Touch n Go at airfields between WAJF and WXX2. Route Manager for the first half is "SusiRoute-Pt1.xml in the download folder. Starting with 30% fuel, in the GR9, I arrived & taxied to the end of the runway and had 7% fuel left.

Second half will be: WXX2 -> WXX3-> WA0K -> WA0P(both) -> WAJK -> WZ43 -> WX43 -> WW44 -> WW43 -> WXX4 -> WAJO (11 take-offs and 11 landings) :evil:



Route Manager for the second half is "SusiRoute-Pt2.xml in the download folder. About 50 minutes, without exceeding 250 kts (if you don't make any mistakes).

Note that this flight plan makes it look look very easy/simple but it is NOT ! The second part of the Waypoint is the runway to use for approach, e.g. "WXX4 12" means runway 12 for landing and so rwy 30 for take off. Because of the difficulty of spotting these small airstrips in the jungle, I have included an AI scenario (dweebSpex.xml), to help familiarise yourself with the route prior to the FlightNight, in the download folder.

I have been practising using the following time & weather settings via the command line:

--metar=2016/05/21 06:00 AYVN 210600Z 09001KT 9999 SCT095 SCT150 31/24 Q1013

It works out to be 6am local time. The date/time setting means the sun is a little above the horizon and so gives good definition to the hills. And there are lots of hills on this flight so it's important to be able to judge them not to run into them :)

The flight shouldn't involve flying higher than 9,200 ft and the Metar sets the lowest cloud at 9,500.
The QNE setting of 1013 makes it easier to set the QFE values provided for part 1.

Comms will be on TeamSpeak, see: www.fgukmedia.co.uk/index.php/forum/radio-comms